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Neem Leaf (melia azadirachta) by AMG Naturals

Neem Leaf (melia azadirachta) by AMG Naturals

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Neem Leaf is a great source of melia azadirachta. Our brand new neem leaf only is 100% neem without any binders or fillers!

▪Neem Leaf aka Azadirachta Indica Helps to Support SIBO Elimination Protocols
▪AMG Neem Leaf Supports Optimal Digestive Health
▪AMG Naturals Neem Leaf Has Been Used for Centuries in Ayurvedic Medicine
▪Azadirachta Indica Supports Healthy Immune and Inflammation Responses

SKIN: Neem is a famous remedy used for centuries to promote healthy skin and a clear complexion. As a bitter herb, it has a cooling effect on the body.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Neem Leaf supports the immune system and can give you an added boost if you need it.

BLOOD SUGAR: Neem leaf helps support already healthy blood sugar levels

METABOLISM: Neem helps optimize your body’s fat and water metabolism systems

HAIR: Neem for hair health has been attributed to its ability to support digestive health