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As a brand designed primarily for functional medicine & holistic practices, we pride ourselves in not only carrying clean products, but also in creating and developing the most up to date protocols for the new world of chronic  conditions that we live in.
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Kalawalla Immune by AMG 
(polypodium leucotomos)
Updated AMG Naturals July 2021
Key Herbal Takeaways:
--> Kalawalla Immune can be used with most immune mediated inflammatory conditions.
-->Kalawalla is traditionally used and most researched for gut and skin inflammation.
-->Kalawalla is used as a potent immunomodulator and free radical (ROS) scavenger.
-->Kalawalla protects brain cells

Other Uses:
Blood cleansing, increased urination, blood pressure support, increased perspiration

Recommended Dosage:

Gut & Immune Support - 3 capsules per day for 90 days then 1 capsule per day as maintenance
Libido Support – 1 to 3 capsules daily as needed. In healthy individuals less is needed
Anti-Aging Skin Support – 2 capsules per day until desired result is achieved.
Brain Support – 2 capsules daily to prevent and support alzheimers, dementia and memory problems.
Exhaustion/Fatigue – follow immune support protocol

Polypodium leucotomos has been highly regarded as a miraculous skin protectant and age defying elixir to improve skin texture and elasticity. 1. In fact, some research suggests that polypodium can decrease UV induced inflammation by 4 to 5 fold. The same study demonstrated a 60% reduction in immune activation.

Other than the clear benefits of increased elasticity and hydration of your skin, Polypodium catches our attention more specifically for it traditional uses related to inflammation of the gut. 2. With regards to colitis it has been shown to preserve glutathione as well as decrease leukotrienes.

Autoimmunity is at an all time high. IL-6 is an inflammatory cytokine highly associated with the continued driving force behind many autoimmune diseases. 3. One study on kalawalla shows complete, yes 100%, inhibition of IL-6 at both low and high dosages. (This is specific to this experiment, but validates the use.) 
In the same study it showed the ability to decrease mast cell infiltration, which may provide value in conditions such as histamine intolerance and mast cell disorders.

New uses of polypodium are becoming more and more common. A US patent was filed on its extract that indicated it could be used for AIDS, cancer and wasting syndrome. Another was filed indicating it could be used for brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The patient indicated in vivo studies that show it protected against brain cell degeneration and promoted the repair of damaged brain cells. In a double-blind placebo human trial (in 2000), researchers reported that a dosage of 360 mg per day of Anapsos(TM) given to patients with senile dementia improved cognitive performance, increased the blood supply to the brain, and also increased the electrical impulses in the brain.

Polypodium leucotomos has not traditionally been used for libido and as an aphrodisiac though its sister herb polypodium vulagare has been used as such. We find that if you use p. leucotomos extract you do not find a libido enhancing effect. We also find that when using a non-extract version, it has significant libido enhancing effect as well as reported increases in desire, frequency and satisfaction. Polpyodium vulagare is an herb with a similar ecdyterone profile that is well known for these benefits.

Name Varieties: polypodium vulgare, common polypody, Samambaia, Polypodium decumanum, calaguala, Polypodium aureum