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About AMG Naturals

AMG Naturals was founded by Dr. Houston Anderson with the intent to provide more holistic healing options to those who suffer from difficult and chronic conditions. 

We quickly observed in our trials that whole & unrefined herbs almost always worked better for healing than extracts and tinctures. Not to mention many of our patients reacted to the alcohol extracts and glycerin tinctures that were on the market.

Our mission at AMG Naturals is to first provide a clean source of holistic herbs that are powerful and effective and second to bring to light new herbs throughout the world that have new and innovative healing properties for today’s chronic health issues.


All of our herbs are tested for mold, heavy metals and contaminants multiple times by independent parties. In addition, each batch is muscle tested with patients to assure its safety.

Before any supplement reaches our shelves, we make sure that it works for real people with real health conditions. While we can’t guarantee results for the entire world, we can guarantee that each herb we carry has helped someone before we made it as a product for the public and put the AMG Naturals label on it.